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I can also provide articles and photographs on Australia, Italy, Spain, and many other destinations.
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ARTICLES and THEMES – for brief summary of each, scroll down. Photographs are available for each article.

New Hermopolis eco village

Siwa Oasis

Egypt – destinations; eco travel

Egyptian food

Terhal Project – Architecture and Nomadism workshop series – Egypt

New Hermopolis eco village is an astounding project near Minya that aims to connect Egypt’s cultural past with its present, has a mind/body/soul focus, and will host special arts and cultural events, as well as offering unique accommodation and tours in an archaeologically rich area that few tourists really explore. The founder is an Egyptian woman whose passion to create this place is inspirational.

Siwa Oasis articles can be tailored to your publication. Many photographs available, showing Siwa from 1995 to now. I lived in Siwa for more than a year so I have a unique perspective on what to see and life in this beautiful place.
example articles:
Siwa – treasure on the far side of the Sahara
Earth and Salt – environmentally conscious building based on traditional methods
Swimming in the desert – the waters of Siwa Oasis
Olives and dates – a heavenly spread from the tables of Siwa Oasis
Almost Paradise – an Australian woman’s first year living on the far side of the Sahara.

I have been visiting Egypt for more than 20 years and now live here. Articles are available about each major city, its popular tourist attractions or the sights that are less explored by the tour crowds. Many photographs available.

Eco-travel destinations, experiences and accommodation throughout Egypt. This is a growing area of tourism with many exciting options for those who want to see more than the usual tours provide.

Egyptian FOOD
the revival and innovation of classic Egyptian street foods in two Cairo cafes
delights from Egypt’s street food, cafes and restaurants

Sinai surprises
places to stay, yoga and wellbeing activities and events to appeal to the environmentally conscious traveler.

Terhal Project – Architecture and Nomadism
The first in a series of workshops was held in Siwa Oasis, Egypt.
Nomadism and traveling is one of the important activities of an architect, in which he/she goes to the site and lives in it for a period of time, with its people, and study its architectural style, so that he/she can propose solutions that suits its weather, environment, and nature.
Terhal project is a series of architectural workshops that will be held in different places in Egypt which have a unique
architectural style. These include western desert oases, Mediterranean cities, Upper Egypt cities and villages, Sinai, Cairo, Suez-canal cities, Red-sea shore, Delta, Nubia.
The aim of the project and the workshops is to propose architectural solutions and proposals to redevelop these places and to conserve their unique style which is threatened with vanishing. Terhal aims to promote and preserve the Egyptian architectural heritage and its development in a scientific way by finding solutions and making experimental proposals. The project targets young architects and architecture students.

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